Fabricio Pezzini is the TCR South America 2022 Champion

Fabricio Pezzini is the TCR South America 2022 Champion

San Juan, October 9, 2022 – Fabricio Pezzini has established himself as the 2022 TRC South America Drivers Champion. The Argentine finished in 4th place in the first race of the day and further stretched the advantage he had with his compatriot Juan Ángel Rosso, the only rival who started on Sunday with a chance of winning the crown.

Pezzini had an excellent year with a regularity that allowed him to take a good advantage that, despite the mandatory discard of 24 units from Race 2 at El Pinar, allowed him to finish on top one race before the end.

The winner of the Main Race was Argentine Jorge Barrio who had started from third place. The Toyota Corolla driver took advantage of a short pass from Pezzini to take first place and not abandon it until the checkered flag. The fight for the first step of the podium also had the two CUPRAs of the W2 Pro GP of the Brazilian Raphael Reis and the Argentine Bernardo Llaver who finally crossed the finish line in second and third place, respectively. The champion placed fourth and Rosso completed the top 5.

With everything defined, driver champions, Trophy Cup and teams, the only thing left to decide was the winner of the last race of the year. The reversed grid featured rookie Figgo Bessone with PMO Racing’s Peugeot 308 and Brazilian Marcio Basso from PMO Motorsport with Lynk & Co.

It was one of the races with the most setbacks. Pezzini had to leave the test after an accident with Bessone when he was averaging the competition. During several turns the fight was between Barrio, Reis and Llaver, and the Hyundai i30 of the Chilean Javier Scuncio and the Alfa Romeo Giulietta of the Argentine Matías Milla also joined.

One who had been advancing from the last position on the grid was Rosso who was dodging all the touches. With two laps to go in a controversial maneuver, Barrio and Llaver touched and the one who took advantage of it was Rosso in the Honda Civic #26 who climbed to first place and held on until the end. The sports commissioners decided to exchange the places of Barrio and Llaver due to the friction on the track, which left the CUPRA #71 on the second step of the podium and the Toyota #32 in third. The top 5 was completed by Reis and the Uruguayan Juan Manuel Casella.

The Trophy Cup had two winners on the day. In the first, Basso took first place after finishing in tenth position overall. The second was in the hands of the Uruguayan Enrique Maglione who was ninth in the final positions.

The TCR South America finished its second championship and 2023 will come with more news with more cars, more brands and more races.


“I went out to win the races. The first laps I tried to throw everything and make a difference but we were very even with Barrio. On the long straight, when I take care of braking a bit, Jorge puts the car inside and obviously I let him in because we had discussed that this was not my game. There I let the CUPRAs pass too and I placed myself behind because I knew that with that it was enough for me to be champion. I saw that Rosso was also coming from behind and it was just waiting for the race to finish. We are TCR South America champions. A great season and a great category in which I am very grateful to all the leaders and to each one of the guys who work because they have never treated me so well. The beauty of crowning it with this championship and sharing it and thanking this team -PMO Motorsport- who worked all year as professionals and that is essential for the regularity we have had all year”.
Fabrizio Pezzini

“A great victory together with Toyota Gazoo Racing Latin America. A great job throughout the weekend as we went from less to more looking for changes to the car and finally in Race 1 I drove the best car. My only intention was to stay out of trouble in the championship and try to win the race. Fabricio goes a bit too far and put the car in and when he sees me in the mirror he leaves me the place to overcome it ”.
Jorge Barrio

“I am very happy, it is my first time here. Race 1 was quite difficult because on the first lap I had a touch that hit my car quite a bit but it was enough for me to take the victory in the Trophy Cup”.
Marcio Basso

“I want to send a big kiss to my wife. We had our second daughter on Monday and I love them all so much. It was a great race to the end. I was able to take advantage of all the opportunities I had and closed the year with a victory”.
Juan Angel Rosso