TCR South America

TCR® South America was born as a new category of quality and prestige for Latin America. Seeking to emulate the success of the TCR® and its series worldwide. It is based upon 3 pillars: Affordable costs, More than 12 different brands involved and Customer-oriented series with a world platform.


The TCR® South America will officially launch in 2021 with an 8 events championship in the region. 3 in Argentina, 3 in Brazil, 1 in Uruguay and 1 in Chile.


TCR® is a racing concept launched in 2015 that has revolutionized Touring Car competition, as it has been approved and adopted by several Championships and Series all over the world, becoming the perfect platform for customer racing.


Born as a customer-oriented series it offers opportunities to teams and manufacturers in terms of supply and management; in only three years TCR® has established itself as one of the most successful business cases in motorsport for all stakeholders, as it was proved by the sales of more than 700 racing cars and the birth of over 30 TCR Championships and Series.









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