TCR South America community tests brings together the brazilian cars of the 2021 season

TCR South America community tests brings together the brazilian cars of the 2021 season

Friday, April 16, 2021 | Organized by the brazilian teams entered in the inaugural season, the first community tests of the TCR South America was held in Brazil, with nine cars from four different manufacturers. During a day full of activities, the cars and drivers of the W2 Racing, Prop Car, Piquet Sports, Cobra Racing and MC Tubarão teams, demonstrated in a formidable day of rehearsals that the new South American category is already a reality.


In addition to the drivers already confirmed for the 2021 season, the community tests opened opportunities for other drivers interested in participating in TCR South America. Among the drivers who were able to test the cars for the first time were: Pedro Aizza (kart champion), Beto Monteiro, (multi-champion of the Truck Cup), Guga Lima (Stock Car driver), Gabriel Lusquiños (Stock car driver). Light), Rodrigo Baptista (Le Mans 24h runner-up) and Thiago Marques (Sprint Race featured driver).


Even without official timing, one point that was evident in the community testing was the even performance among the nine cars. Ranked by the teams themselves, the best lap times for the Honda, Audi, Hyundai and Alfa Romeo were even, indicating that the competition during the opening season’s eight events is going to be fierce.


Mauricio Slaviero, promoter of TCR South America in Brazil said: “We are very satisfied with the initiative of the teams to promote this joint activity. It shows the strength of the category and that the great contenders of brazilian motorsport are committed to the project of the category. The TCR South America is already a reality and the beautiful images of the nine cars on the track attest to that. We must have other tests before the season starts.”


Teams and drivers that participated in the tests:

W2 Racing – Honda:
Raphael Reis *
Gabriel Lusquiños
Thiago Marques
Guga Lima


MC Tubarão – Audi:
Marcio Basso *
Guilherme Reischl *


Piquet Sports – Hyundai:
Pedro Aizza
Sergio Jimenez
Beto Monteiro
Rodrigo Baptista


Cobra Racing – Audi:
Adalberto Baptista *
Rodrigo Baptista


Prop Car – Alfa Romeo:
Fabio Casagrande *


* Drivers already confirmed for the 2021 season


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