TCR South America, Vicar and TCR Brasil announce their partnership on the continent

TCR South America, Vicar y TCR Brasil announce their partnership on the continent

The agreement broadens the platform of the Stock Car promoting company and increases the capacity of the new South American championships in the commercial and marketing field.

São Paulo (Brazil)/Buenos Aires (Argentina), October 21, 2022 – The promoters of TCR South America and TCR Brasil signed a collaboration agreement with Vicar Promociones Deportivas. By virtue of the agreement between the three parties, the current holders of the right to promote TCR events remain in the administration of the business, and the company promoting the Stock Car adds its promotional and commercial force in Brazilian territory. This new company will also represent the Stock Car in Argentina, with the possibility of promoting races of the category in that country.

The incorporation of the TCR family to Vicar’s racing promotion platform expands the company’s operations beyond the Brazilian territory and inserts it into the world scene of front-wheel drive passenger cars. With more than a thousand cars approved for its races, the TCR concept is present, with the same technical and sporting standards, in 36 championships around the world and has the participation of 16 automotive companies.

The 2023 season will see the expansion of the TCR concept in South America with three championships. TCR South America Sprint with dates in Argentina, Brazil and Uruguay, TCR South America Endurance with dates in Argentina and Brazil and TCR Brazil with dates in Brazil and Uruguay.

In addition to Stock Car, whose 2023 championship will have 12 separate dates from the TCR events, Vicar Promociones Deportivas organizes the Stock Car Series, F4 Brazil and National Tourism championships in Brazilian territory.