The #77 CUPRA dominates the first tests of TCR South America in Interlagos

The #77 CUPRA dominates the first tests of TCR South America in Interlagos

São Paulo, April 29, 2022 – The first Endurance race of the 2022 season of the TCR South Amercia registers a record of 19 cars and 38 drivers for Interlagos. The first day ended with the dominance of the #77 CUPRA of the duo Raphael Reis and Guga Lima of the W2 Pro GP team.

Championship leader, first pole and first winner of the year, Reis led shakedown and free practice. His guest, Lima, was the fastest of the session for the guests. The best time of the day was 1:41.908.

The second fastest time on Friday was achieved by Bia Figueiredo aboard the #3 Audi of the Cobra Racing Team, also in the morning shakedown: 1:43.505. The #26 Honda of the Squadra Martino finished Friday with the third fastest time, 1:43.651, set by Ricardo Risatti in the guest practice.

Tomorrow a new free practice session is scheduled and the classification will be divided in two for the batch of guests and starters. Both recorded times will be added to define the starting grid.

On Sunday, the only race with a duration of one hour or 37 laps will be held, with a scheduled start at 9:40 am.

“We have a good perspective, the CUPRA is well configured and balanced. We made a risky decision and found a competitive car. W2 Pro GP set up the car very quickly and masterfully got it right. We had good races at Velocitta and we are fast here at Interlagos. We are competitive and I think we can make a good race. Guga adapted well, he led his training and I am happy to have him with me”.
Raphael Reis

“Very good first experience. I’ve done a few laps in the 2020 cars, but it’s my first full weekend as a driver for TCR South Amercia. Today’s training was very good, I managed to adapt well to the car. It’s been a good day at work, but we have to keep our feet on the ground and try to improve even more. I thank the W2 Pro Gp staff for the invitation and especially Raphael Reis”.
Guga Lima

“It was an interesting day. In the shakedown and training Risatti brought him up so that he can spend as much time as possible on the car. He told us a few things to change and the car improved in the last test. It was not the ideal condition for the track as it looked like there was oil (probably from truck training), but for me it was important to drive a few laps to get to know the circuit. We are not that far from Reis, who took pole here last year and knows Interlagos by heart.”
Juan Ángel Rosso

“We had a great evolution from one training session to another. We started in the middle pack in the shakedown and finished the day second. The evolution of the car was important and we are excited about tomorrow.”
Pedro Aizza

“I am delighted. It is a dream track, an F1 circuit. And a real racing car. We were learning with each lap, always evolving. We managed to complete all the laps well, no freakouts or anything, so it was a productive day overall.”
Juan Manuel Casella

“I am very happy to be in the second weekend competing in TCR. I’m getting used to the front-wheel drive car because throughout my career I’ve driven rear-wheel and there are differences. I ended up lapping little at Velocitta and had several tests to go, so today I think we had a very productive day and we’re doing well. We still have some details to define, but it was great, especially Antonella’s adaptation. She is very talented and is having a fantastic evolution, I am very happy”.
Bia Figueiredo

“It has been an incredible experience that I will remember for the rest of my life. My first car race at Interlagos. I managed to improve a lot throughout the day and reduce the gap I had with Bia. I hope to evolve even more tomorrow, now I am going to study telemetry and the on-board camera. Bia is being very important for my adaptation”.
Antonella Bassani