The homologation of the Toyota Corolla GRS advances

The homologation of the Toyota Corolla GRS advances

Buenos Aires (Argentina), April 6, 2020 – The TCR concept continues with the arrival of the new Toyota Corolla GRS, the renewal of the Fiat Tipo and the updating of the power plant of the Lada Vesta.

In reference to the advances of the Corolla GRS that is produced for everyone in Argentina, the model has already passed the first homologation process to be certified by the WSC Group Technical Department and start its racing activity.

Using different measurement systems, the cars go through tests to assess aerodynamic load and resistance in the Pininfarina wind tunnel in Grugliasco (Italy). There they set the tilt of the rear wing in different settings. The next step is to carry out the work at the center of gravity, using the turntable from JS-PE GmbH in Rötz (Germany).

At the same time, separate from the bodywork, Toyota engines are being tested at the ORAL Engineering facility in Modena, Italy. These are placed inside the “test cell” and connected to the dynamometer which measures the power and torque curves and checks the maps at different power settings.

At the same time, the new Fiat Tipo is also following the same processes as the model that is manufactured in Argentina and the Lada Vesta Sport TCR is only updating its power unit.

Once homologated and certified by the WSC, the new Toyota Corolla GRS will begin its racing activity, will be marketed to all TCR categories in the world and will make its track debut at TCR South America.