Triumphant debut for Alceu Feldmann at TCR South America

Triumphant debut for Alceu Feldmann at TCR South America

Goiania, June 4, 2022 – Alceu Feldmann debuted with a victory in Goiania. After leading the second free practice and achieving pole position with the #17 CUPRA, the Brazilian from the W2 Pro GP team dominated the first race of the weekend at TCR South America.

At the start, Feldmann was second after Juan Ángel Rosso took the lead in the race. The championship leader, Fabricio Pezzini, who had started in fourth place, overtook Raphael Reis and Manuel Sapag moved into fifth place.

After Rosso entered the pits to fulfill the drive through, Feldmann takes the lead and hold to it for the rest of the race. For the “drive through”, the Uruguayan Juan Manuel Casella rose to the top5 with the Peugeot #60.

With Feldmann, Pezzini and Reis escaping into the top three positions, the fight remained in the second pack. Sapag, Casella, Pedro Aizza, Frederik Balbi and Rosso, who had been recovering from the bottom, had an exciting race. After passes, touches and good manoeuvres, the #33 Link & Co Argentinian finished in fourth place, the Uruguayan Casella fifth, Rosso was sixth beating Balbi by just 0.002s and Bia Figueiredo finished in eighth place. The top ten was completed by Marcio Basso, who won the Trophy Cup in his debut with Lynk & Co, and Aizza’s #35 Hyundai.

The grid for Sunday’s race will be with the top ten positions reversed in relation to the qualifying result. Thus, Edson Reis starts from pole and Bia Figueiredo will be located in the second drawer.


“It was everything I dreamed of, God has blessed me. I won my last race at Porsche and today we won here too. I hadn’t put any new tires on yesterday and I didn’t know how the car was going to be shared. In qualifying we confirmed that we had a good pace and I only had problems in the race with Pezzini when we started but I was able to hold him. I think he had the pace to pass Rosso if he hadn’t been penalized. I think that for tomorrow we have a good rhythm and we are going to fight for the victory”.
Alceu Feldmann

“It was a very difficult race. On the first lap I went to the outside in turns 1 and 2 and managed to overtake Reis, but I couldn’t get past the other Cupra. Later in the race I had a fuel issue and the car was misfiring a lot in fifth and sixth gear. The fuel pump pressure problem was obvious, we have to improve that for tomorrow as the race is longer. If I had done one more lap, Reis would have passed me.”
Fabricio Pezzini

“I started from third last because of the penalty in qualifying and came overtaking and outpacing the other cars. I had a lot of fun and PMO Motorsport helped me a lot. It’s very nice to start like this.”
Marcio Basso

“I had a car to win, but I made a mistake. A pity that the car moved at the start, but I was able to recover to finish in sixth place. Now we are already thinking about tomorrow’s race”.
Juan Angel Rosso


SUNDAY, JUNE 5  2022
08:25 Race 2 – Box open
08:35 Race 2 – Box closed
08:37 Race 2 – 5 minutes to start
08:42 Race 2 – Formation lap
08:45 Race 2 – Start (17 laps or 35 minutes)
09:20 Race 2 – Final
09:20 – 09:30 Race 2 – Podium

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